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A School for the Visual Arts and Dance

Magnolia Hill, a place of whimsy, provides a year round haven for the arts in a busy, cluttered world. Dance and art classes for all ages. Summer Workshops. Art or Ballet Birthday Parties. Community Engagement Events. Excellence in training in a non-competitive environment. We are the home of the story ballet in the heart of South Jersey.

Our students feel challenged while learning new skills and have fun making new friends that often feel like family. They are empowered as they learn and grow. They will be excited participating in events where the collaboration between young artists and dancers gives them a peek into the exciting world of the arts as is often only experienced by adult artists. They will feel a sense of accomplishment and pride performing and/or exhibiting their art for a beautiful audience of family and friends. They learn to love giving to the community by sharing the beauty of their talents.

We bring the arts to you in small ways.

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